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Putting My Experience to Work

I never thought I would run for elected office. Growing up, I wanted to own a zoo (but only of rocks), then I wanted to be a hairstylist and, in high school and college, I wanted to be an astronaut. My answer to what I want to be when I grow up has changed several times and, as I've matured, I've realized that what I truly aspire to be is a good community member.  A person who invests, works for, loves, and chooses their community. For me, that community is Pueblo. I love this town and want to use my knowledge about how local systems interact, practice my skills in budgeting and finance,  and use my expertise in community engagement to create a brighter future for Pueblo.

I'm running for City Council so that when people come home at the end of the day, they feel as much pride in our community as I do. I will work to connect communities, support policies that build strong families, and improve our streets and parks so that all who live here have the opportunity to thrive. I will work hard to serve my neighbors and advocate hard on their behalf. I offer a fresh, new innovative perspective. I want to represent those who look like me (young, Latino, and Pueblo-born) so their voices are heard and valued. While I honor our community's rich past, I want us to move into the future with vigor, hope, and a new energy so that young adults, like me, continue to have Pueblo pride.


I hope I can count on your support for City Council. Let's make a difference.


Veronica Romero-Romo, profesora

"Sarah es una person muy inteligente, generosa, y valiente. Su pasión es ayudar a las personas a convertirse en una mejor versión de sí mismas."

Ed Brown, current City Council District 3 representative

"I have served District 3 for over eight years and I'm giving my support to a great young lady who is extremely qualified to represent the people in District 3." 

Angela Giron, former State senator and CEO of Boys and Girls Club

"Sarah is intelligent, strategic, and knows Pueblo. I have no doubt that she will serve District 3 well as the next City Council woman."

Dr. Margaret Wright, D60 school board member

"My heart is full to know that Sarah will fight for our children and youth. It is time for a more diverse Council, one with a younger voice, and I believe Sarah is the right choice."

Jesse Sena, community leader

"I support Sarah because she is an intentional leader, she's determined and passionate about what she believes in. She will contribute a strong and unwavering voice to advocate for our youth and families."

Tommy Farrell, D60 school board and Southern Equality Alliance

"Sarah has always shown her passion and ability to bring people together, instead of driving them apart. We can have a partner in unifying the City and our neighborhoods by electing her for District 3."


Pueblo Firefighters, 
Local 3

Bri Buentello, former House Representative 

"It's time for a Latina in Pueblo politics-- someone who looks like the people who live here. It's time for a young leader who will move Pueblo forward. It's time for Sarah Martinez on Council. Onward!"

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Southern Colorado Labor Council