About the Campaign


As a native Puebloan, I cherish this city. I believe that I can help move Pueblo forward. My vision is to represent the voices of the people who live in my neighborhood by actively collaborating with you to solve the challenges we face in our community.

I value connecting the community, building strong families, and improving our streets and parks. I hope to bring these values to City Council and make positive changes for all who live here.


I understand the inner workings of Pueblo politics. I want to modernize systems, policies, and practices so that all people who live here have the opportunity to thrive. I am a responsible steward of funds and will examine spending with a careful eye to ensure the benefits of the everyday Puebloan. I'm experienced in building coalitions, and am an expert at building relationships with diverse populations.


I will make myself accountable to my constituents by being transparent and responsible, and I’m not afraid to ask experts for help. Once elected, I want to rely on community members, nonprofits, and city staff for continued guidance. Let's make a difference together.

Platforms important to Sarah

Building community based on transparency, Sarah will provide every Puebloan with the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Raised in a single mother household, Sarah understands the importance of family first policies. She will be a champion for families and children, ensuring all have the same chance to thrive and prosper.

We all have a responsibility to keep Pueblo safe. Sarah will implement a system allowing community members to easily report broken sidewalks and potholes to the city.


My Vision 



I have the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective. As a young adult, I bring a new energy to help move Pueblo forward; I represent so many young voices in Pueblo and want to work for my peers.  I offer the understanding of how things get done. I am an active listener and will use those skills to hear about the real barriers to progress and the thoughts and ideas of the community to make Pueblo better. 

I offer diversity. This community needs a younger voice.  It needs to have a Latina representative on this council. 


Together, we will build a Pueblo that all can be proud of. Help me to do this by voting for me as a District 3 City Council Member.