Sarah, the youth advocate

Sarah commemorated first Youth Awareness Week in 2018 by giving a a brief speech during the kickoff event.

As a child, Sarah was taught that youth are tomorrow's leaders; a phrase that empowered her to reach my potential. As a young adult, it's a phrase that continues to inspire her work. In her career, she has the opportunity to work with, and for, young people to improve services and programs to prevent youth substance use.

It's important to me to work for our youth. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have things to do after school and on weekends, and my house was a safe, supportive environment. I saw many friends and peers that didn't have those same supports and who struggled to stay in school and sober at 16. My dream is that, one day, all youth get that same opportunity to thrive so that they are successful as possible. I'll continue to advocate for their needs and wants to ensure that our community is youth-friendly as your City Councilwoman.

In 2018, Pueblo partners were able to work with Rep. Esgar and Gov. Hickenlooper to get a signed proclamation commemorating the last week of September as youth awareness week. The week was designed to celebrate young people and provide prosocial opportunities for them throughout the week as a way to get them more involved in the community. This proclamation was read on the courthouse's steps and Sarah, as a youth advocate, was invited to speak about the importance of positive interactions with youth. Standing on the chalk drawings (sayings of Pueblo Proud and positivity) that she helped to do the day before, Sarah gave an impassioned speech to challenge adults to show up for the young people in their lives.

This event and Sarah's involvement in the day was featured in an article of the Pueblo Chieftain:

Sarah Martinez, of Pueblo Communities that Care, challenged the crowd to empower young people when interacting with them. “Provide them with a pro-social opportunity to engage with you, to engage with their community (and) to acknowledge them for the really great work that they are doing. This is a really great week, but I challenge you to implement this acknowledgement of young people throughout the year,” Martinez said.

See the full Pueblo Chieftain article here:

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