Tooting her own (bus) horn

Updated: Mar 7

Sarah helps increase accessibility for Pueblo youth by working collaboratively with other agencies to secure free buses.

In college and graduate school, Sarah relied heavily on local transit systems in Fort Collins and Washington State to get where she needed to go. She found that using the bus connected her more to the community since she had to meaningfully navigate her way around town, and helped her save money on gas and car expenses. When she moved back, she wanted to bring her lived experiences with using the transit system to Pueblo.

Her work at the health department as a youth advocate has allowed her to eliminate barriers for young people in Pueblo so that they can thrive. One barrier identified by Pueblo''s youth was transportation as high schoolers cannot afford their own car or have to rely on family/friends to take them places. In 2020, Sarah and her coalition members worked together to help eliminate the transportation barrier so that young people can take part in all the great things that Pueblo has. Collaboratively, they were able works towards a solution: Fund free public transportation for all K-12th graders. I

This is a great example of how well connected Sarah is in the community to agencies and community members, how she proposes innovative solutions to make Pueblo better, and how she'll continue to fight for Pueblo's youth and families on City Council.

One of the biggest barriers identified was a lack of transportation, according to Sarah Martinez, a health promotion specialist at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment. “By removing that barrier, hopefully, we can connect more young people to the great things that Pueblo has,” Martinez said.

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